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Still working on debut release!!
Meanwhile ASYLUM IINDUSTRIES MUSIC in planning to release their debut compilation in Compact Disc Format somewhere March 2007.For that we looking any great band to take participating in this project.It free and what we need is please do submit your most outstanding release for our observation and further action.Just submit any record in masterCD format with your most current band biography, picture, logo and not please not forget to included with your current contact information.For thing time we looking only a band that realy into such METAL kind of musical direction.Others than that just go away!!!
Subject: Compilation-Various Artist
Release Date: TBA > Probaly in March 2007
Release Format: Compact Disc
Circulation: 300 pcs
Promotion: Handle by Blodcriminal Promotion Services
Promotion Rates: 100 pcs
Distribution: In progress
Music Interest: Metal base of music


Asylum Industries Music looking for any great extreme metal band to be apart in the label. For you out there if you think AIM is a right label to take a responsibility to releasing your stuff, gladly we would like to hear what your band can offer to us. For that please filled the form below and not forget it would be great if you can send us a maybe a possible track list in one of listed format below

  1. Compact disc – minimum of two original track
  2. Cassette – minimum of two original track
  3. MP3 – minimum of two original tracks.

And please provided a maybe band most complete current contact information, biography, discography and one f ull line up band picture.


Please allow me to respond to all your demo submission within 7 days after receiving and if everything going well I’ll contact you for further process.


+Condition and term

Please send anything via register parcel (for who submit using hardcopy Compact Disc and Cassette) and for those deciding to send it using MP3 please state me your direct link for me to check the track.


Asylum Industries Music is looking for a band who strictly play extreme metal musical direction such as Death Metal, Black Metal and perhaps I can find someone play in subgenre of Extreme Industrial in death/black metal mode.


+Product final output

For this time been, Asylum Industries Music only concentrated on releasing a material with limited quantity. For Compact Disc format AIM will only releasing in limited quantity of 300 pieces and 100 pieces of cassette.


+Where to send your demo

Please send anything to this address

M4-4-05 / Merak Apartment / Jalan Uranus U5/125 / Section U5 / 40150 Shah Alam / Selangor Darul Ehsan / MALAYSIA

Or please email me for any link direction for your MP3 format at


Demo Submission Form